Pitching call new tv drama series : ARE YOU SERIES

Communiqué de ARE YOU SERIES? :

Pitching call new tv drama series : ARE YOU SERIES

Our intention is to help open doors for the aspiring television and story writer. Pitch us a new idea for a fiction tv drama (mini) series by writing a synopsis of 2 pages. Make us want to meet your characters, indulge in the described arena, and wonder about the challenges they face.

A team of experts composed by producer Helen Perquy (Quiz me quick, Tabula Rasa) and script writer Carl Joos (Cordon, Broken Circle Breakdown) will select 4 projects. The participants they have chosen win a 1-2-1 session with the experts. They receive detailed feedback and a written report on their synopsis concerning script development, characters, plot, budget, production value etc.

The 1-2-1 sessions take place on Friday December 4, 2015 during the Scriptwriting Workshop Day in the framework of the Are You Series? Festival at Bozar in Brussels. This day, dedicated to creating and developing original tv drama series, kicks off with an open session in which the 2 experts discuss valuable tips ‘n tricks for scriptwriting.

The afternoon is dedicated to the principles of the tv series ‘bible’. Full program will be available soon.

Send your synopsis in EN, FR or NL and contact details to joyce.palmers@cjsm.vlaanderen.be. The deadline for submitting your application is Monday 23 November 2015. Selection is announced 2 December 2015.

This initiative is organized by the Creative Europe Media Desks Flanders & Wallonia-Brussels in close collaboration with Are You Series? Festival & Bozar Cinema.