Calling all young authors from all over Europe

We are happy to announce an exciting opportunity for aspiring European writers who appreciate challenge and innovation in storytelling and wait to be discovered!

Be part of a European writing pool & develop with us a new transmedia program for kids

an amazing tale of friendship

Dchingis, the Mongolian horse, and lovely Ava are the best friends ever until Ava has to leave to a faraway city, called „Straubing in Germany“. Dchingis needs support to follow her and finds #MissYou’reWelcome, the encyclopedic snake with the thousand hats.

They embark on a long journey through the great diversity of Europe

Each script should tell a step of the journey of Dchingis and #MissYou’reWelcome from Mongolia to Straubing in Germany and offer an amusing but very „national“ manner of tackling the difficulties they might encounter. This way the writers shall humorously transmit the specificities of their home country and let their future audience have an insight in their cultural background. As the cross media project “Dchingis” will also be shaped interactively by its young consumers across Europe, we highly encourage the writers to collaborate with small children in process of developing their narratives.

One Episode is open to a maximum runtime of 8 minutes



Be the author, who represents his country in a « Dchingis » episode!

Let your imagination run free and develop the adventures of Dchingis and #MissYou’reWelcome in your homeland.  Everything is allowed and even the craziest ideas will be taken into account. The only rule which you have to respect: The story takes place nowadays anywhere you like in your country and the main characters are given (see presentation attached).

Winners of the contest will be decided on by a jury of professionals who will select the winners from all the submitted screenplays accordingly through meritorious process.

The selected screenplays (up to 25 for the first season of the program) will be announced on May 5th, 2015 and produced in 2016 for TV broadcasting and worldwide availability via internet from the beginning of 2017 onwards.


Entries are open to all students and young European scriptwriters.


All writers must have a European passport and be under 30.

Submitted scripts must be original, and the sole property of the applicant.­

All entries must be in English and not exceed one page.

There is no limit to the number of scripts you may submit.

All entries must be uploaded in PDF format.

Scripts will not be returned. The author keeps all rights, if not offered a production contract.

Send your synopsis (max. one page) together with your CV to

Submissions are OPEN until Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 5:00pm. No further entry will be considered after this deadline.

Email inquiries to or call +49 89 54243982 for more information.

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